Bike & Wine in Spain.


I was cycling trough the famous Spanish region of «La Ribera del Duero» last month. My intention was to change the route of Segovia in order to spend a couple of nights in this region of Castille, where some of the most famous wines are produced, and offer a different and unique experience which goes beyond of the simple cycling route we are used to.

Obviously, I am spaniard and I live relatively close to this part of the central Spain; however, when traveling by bike you discover many places that are almost impossible to visit when driving and I was impressed with the beauty of the landscapes, small villages and vineyards.

«La Ribera del Duero», is  well-known in Spain and beyond. Some of the most relevant wineries are hidden here in the valley of river Duero, one of the biggest of Spain. It crosses the region providing optimal conditions for the cultivation of grapes for the production of wine. The Duero river, gives a peculiar orography to the area surrounded by hills and riverside forest. Besides of old and stunning villages embedded into the beauty of the landscape.


This is the view from the Peñafiel castle, where you can find an amazing wine museum explaining the enology that made the area a famous with its price winning wines.

It is a rural country, roads are quiet and cycling is pleasantly. There are many interesting places and extra activities to be done either related to wine, gastronomy or culture. Some parts of the route come across the Duero natural path, which runs parallel to the river from its source.


To be honest, the great idea of mixing Bike & Wine, was Patrik`s. He is a Bike & Wine lover and he suggested to change the route so that the clients could have the experience of visiting wineries and taste some of the most delicious wines at the end of the cycling day. Leisure activities and sport are more than necessary, but life is more than that…Incentives are necessary in order to have a happy holidays. Nevertheless, we recomend a moderate comsumption of wine, only until you feel an irrepressible desire of singing and dancing. Tasting the different wines will open up a world of moments you’ ve nevert felt before.

All in all, the final product of our route «Segovia Bike & Wine», is a delicious mix of ancient culture, medieval villages away from the massive tourism, gastronomy, tasty wines and lot of fun.
Despite being a rural part of Spain, it is close to Madrid so that it is easy to get to. Besides, you can spend some time visiting Madrid, definitely worth a visit. From Madrid to the starting point (Segovia), there is a high speed train and it will take 30 minutes to reach one of the most gorgeous cities of Spain, with its ancient roman acueduct and its castle, which Walt Disney took as the icon image of his movies.


Extra nights in Madrid, visits to wineries in Peñafiel and Aranda de Duero, as long as E-bike one day tours in Madrid can be arranged if you wish. Our aim is to make your dreams come true.

For these reasons and more, we strongly encourage you to come and enjoy this wonderful route hand made with love by the team at Ants on Track. Here you have the link to the route where you can find further information as well as pictures and relevant info. Hope to see you soon 🙂



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