Our History

Jorge and I crossed paths when we both came to work in the organized active travel industry. We worked in the same company for a few years. Covid’s global pandemic marked a turning point in our lives, and from that moment on, and after a series of conversations about the fate of humanity, we decided to embark together on the adventure of offering our own products and self-guided tours for the enjoyment of those travelers eager to enjoy the most interesting corners of this diverse, varied and exotic country that is Spain. Our aim is to offer you bike tours and hiking routes, which will take you through breathtaking landscapes, to show you the most authentic Spain and above all, to make you happy and leave in your memory valuable experiences that invite you to look back and… smile. There is nothing more pleasant than a smile of satisfaction.

In previous lives, Jorge has worked in the world of music, since in addition to traveling he is a great opera singer and multi-instrumentalist. His family is a musical family, and everyone at home loves good music as well as playing more than one classical instrument each. Jorge has also devoted much of his life to social activism. He is a very empathetic and generous person, and collaborates with several NGOs, contributing his bit in the fight for a better world. He is currently studying English Literature and Culture at the Open University.

For my part, in my youth I used to work in the world of hospitality and tourism while studying a degree at the university. I have always liked the bike as an ideal vehicle to travel and took advantage of holidays to travel in Spain and Europe. Later I went to live in the UK, and I became a student as well as a tutor teaching at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Where I got a degree on Business Studies and a Masters in Human Geography.
On return to Spain, after this crucial and wonderful experience, I worked again in the world of tourism. I am currently dividing my time between this exciting project – Ants on Track, and my work as a forest ranger. How the hell I became a forest ranger working for a regional Government? That would be a too long story.