Ants care for the environment

Sustainable tourism

Our aim is to offer a tourism with a minimum impact on our planet. We love travelling and enjoying new cultures, the people and their customs but always keeping an eye on sustainability and care of the environment. Cycling and walking holidays come with a low carbon footprint and still our activity like luggage and transfers produce emissions, which we want to compensate. For these reasons, we will compensate our emissions by collaborating with and to reduce CO2 and support reforestation projects, especially rain forest that require urgent action.

We, like ants take care of the environment, encourage our clients – ants to come to Spain by more sustainable ways than flying by plane. We encourage our clients to come by train. It would be great if you have the option. We are happy to help you providing all the information of the European Railway system. For those flying ants that need to take a plane, we propose them to compensate the carbon footprint of their flights with  or

Apart from that, we will always try to reduce our emissions as much as possible. Our anthill has solar panels and an aerothermal system of heating, and all the energy we consume comes from renewal energies.

Ecotourism and sustainable holidays in Spain are our goal, working together like organised ants we can achieve it.

To complement our climate strategy commitment, Ants on Track has an agreement with to remove carbon dioxide.