About Us

Ants On Track is an active, fun, healthy, ecological and friendly travel agency. Our goal is to provide you with enjoyable and fantastic cycling and walking tours in Spain, while saving you a lot of the precious time it takes to organize everything. We will be offering you the most enjoyable alternatives and the best options for sleeping, eating, contemplating landscapes and getting under the skin of the places you will explore. We bring you tours with a spice.

Places where you can meet friendly people, breathtaking landscapes, aromas, colors and small experiences that will remain in your memory. We will be backstage to answer your questions, help you make decisions, give you a hand when necessary and, in short, make sure that you maximize the pleasure of an unforgettable trip with us.

Taking you on a journey will be no problem in our powerful arms. Join our friendly community, and challenge the routine.

Keep in mind that ants can lift fifty times their own weight. We have walked the leaves, tasted every grain and trodden the paths, so that we can make a selection of the best beverages to calm your thirst for adventure. We are waiting to take you away.

Meet The Team



Queen Ant

My old friends call me “Agus” – I guess this would be my name if I were an ant. I enjoyed the warmth, the sunsets and the sweet rain in Aberystwyth, Wales, UK, for a few years. Besides a degree in Business and a masters degree in Human Geography, I met a thousand plus wonderful friends from all over the world.

I have always enjoyed doing sports, and I spent some time kicking the air with karate and pedaling my soul out on a bike. Thankfully, a couple of tasty beers here and there saved my life from the claws of sanity.


+34 651 694 061



Chief Ant

I am a graduate in music and currently studying English Philology at the Open University.
I have been working in cycling and walking holidays for many years. For this reason, I am here together with Agustín to make a living out of our passion with this new project that I am sure you will be happy to be a part of.
I have a deep knowledge of this astonishing country and if you join our ant’s nest you will discover the real Spain off the beaten track, while walking or cycling pleasantly without worrying about anything but enjoying your unforgettable holidays.
I am an environmentally committed activist, so my aim is to offer sustainable tourism with the lowest carbon footprint possible.


+34 609 01 09 43



Flying Ant

I am the one who gives the team a different perspective. As befits a flying ant, I’ve been flying around a lot.

I’m originally from Heidelberg in Germany, where I grew up and studied. My studies and subsequent job took me to Ireland for a year, then to Barcelona for two years, then to Boston-US for three years. Back in Europe, I fell in love in Madrid and was able to enjoy life there for 15 years.

As a passionate biker, I enjoy Spain, the many mostly car-free routes and love to «fly» over the Castilian plateau on my bike.   

I support the team from Central Europe and am available for any questions about our tours.


+41 76 570 51 57