Why Ants on Track?


Agustin and I first met working in cycling and walking holidays for a Spanish company. We were working together for several years until Agustín quit the job and went to work as forest ranger in Extremadura, a wonderful region in the west of Spain. I remained working for this company until the outbreak of the pandemic, when the rest of the staff got fired.

Ants On Track: Crafting Unforgettable Adventures in Nature

Even though we were not working together anymore, we have been in touch during all this time, obviously he cannot live without me… During the pandemic, the idea to set up a new travel agency of our own came up. We were thinking about it for a few weeks, and eventually we decided to jump into this wonderful experience because it is better to regret of doing something than not having tried it. After all, we had been working in cycling and walking holidays for a long time and it is something that we are really passionate about. Therefore, we started to wrung out out our brains in the quest of finding a suitable name for our company. As we both love nature and are active environmental defenders, we started to think about something related to the natural world and the idea of «ants» came up in one of our brain stormings. As we said in our website: » Ants are nice, strong, hard working, sociable creatures.  Ants travel in pretty long lines, like cyclists and walkers, because long lines and friendship are good things. We decidedly abide for their values and wish to give you a warm welcome to our friendly anthill club

Unveiling the Origins of Ants On Track: A Tale of Passion and Purpose

Definitely, ants represent values that we really like such as team work or strenght, and they accomplish an important mission within the natural world. However, we needed something more to add in order to make our brand attractive and catching, so nothing better to put the ants on track. And this is basically, how we made up the name of our new project.

Exploring the World with Ants On Track: Our Commitment to Sustainable Travel

At this very moment, we have six routes but we will be increasing our porfolio shortly. Our aim is to offer the customer the possiblilty of discovering significant and wonderful parts of our lovely country trough handmade self-guided tours all over the country. Of course, picking up stunning landscapes, hidden paths, quiet roads, wonderful accommodations and a wide range of extra activities to make your holidays unforgettable. Besides, we are really concerned about climate change and environmental issues that we are suffering and will suffer increasingly, so we really want to offer sustainable holidays as much as we can, and we will make our best to compensate the carbon footprint that our activity could produce.

Nothing is easy and we know it, but we are working hard in order to make your dreams come true. Give us a chance and you will never regret it.

We are waiting for you in our friendly anthill club.

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